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1945 – L. Scaramelli

8 April 2015


7402 Deerwood Avenue

This Scaramelli mark featured the master’s hand-scripted date. This whole block is full of examples, mostly from 1941 and 1942.

1945 – L. B. Duffin

22 February 2015


7540 Sterling Drive

1945 – Gallagher & Burk

15 June 2014


6406 International Boulevard

I’ve documented this year and maker before, but this is a much better example.

1945 – R. G. Wolfe

23 May 2014


4550 Tulip Avenue

Here’s a variant of R. G. Wolfe’s mark during the transitional year after his break with Mr. Douglas. Maybe he was in the process of filing off the brass letters in the stamp when a quick job came in. At a time like that you don’t turn down any work.

1945 – Art. Stene

18 January 2014


3530 Libby Court

A new name for me, presumably Arthur Stene.

1945 – R. E. Johnson

12 January 2014


3491 39th Avenue

R. E. Johnson is a new name for me.

1945 – C. A. Heldt

23 November 2013


3768 Allendale Avenue

The bulk of the Allendale sidewalks were laid down by the Hutchinson company around 1920, but driveways and other patches presented opportunities for later contractors. This is my earliest mark for C. A. Heldt.