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1942 – Duffin & Riding

23 December 2014


3238 63rd Avenue

Finally I have a clean example from this year.

1942 – Joyce B.

15 December 2014


6000 block Brann Street

This is at the same address as yesterday’s mark, so it’s conceivable that J.E.B. was Joyce B., not that this advances our knowledge much.

1942 – J.E.B.

14 December 2014


6000 block Brann Street

Haven’t run into J.E.B. before, but there’s one possibility (see tomorrow’s mark). Not sure if that’s another letter on the right or not.

1942 – Cragun & Cragun

27 September 2014


689 Nevada Street

South Elmhurst’s sidewalks are in sad shape, but a few marks survive there.

1942 – Frank Salamid

4 July 2014


3916 Huntington Avenue

Two months later, Frank Salamid had the date inside the mark.

1942 – Prola and Bartolomei

3 July 2014


3945 Huntington Avenue

This pair may have been a one-off collaboration. I haven’t seen either name before.

1942 – Cragun & Cragun

14 June 2014


6115 International Boulevard

Old East 14th Street isn’t much for sidewalk stamps, because major thoroughfares get redone in large anonymous projects, but here’s an old Cragun & Cragun mark.