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1937 – Frank Lopes

7 March 2015


7544 Outlook Avenue

1937 – T. A. Ryan

21 January 2015


3407 62nd Avenue

When Ryan upgraded his act in 1937, he did some very nice work, including the decoration in this driveway.

1937 – W. M. Sharp

15 November 2014


2809 Maxwell Avenue

W. M. Sharp marks are invariably shallow and a bit fuzzy, including my previous example from this year. But here’s a gorgeous, definitive one at one of Oakland’s prettiest corners.

1937 – M. Dias

14 November 2014


2834 Seminary Avenue

Hard to believe that a professional like M. Dias could have produced such a botch. Perhaps he made it from an upside-down position.

1937 – J. C. Vieira

17 September 2014


4463 Redding Street

I’m getting a pretty full set of these going from 1924 to 1942.

1937 – F. E. Flaherty

4 August 2014


1447 Seminary Avenue

This beat-up mark pushes F. E. Flaherty’s original racetrack mark forward three more years.

1937 – C. Monohan

30 June 2014


3824 Enos Avenue

This is actually an unusually good example of C. Monohan’s mark, and much better than my previous example from 1937.