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1928 – L. Banchero & Co.

8 June 2015


2019 86th Avenue

This mark is special for two reasons. One, it’s a date by this maker I haven’t found before, so I had to collect it. Second, it’s the mark placed at Banchero’s actual address. I would think that he’d have done a more careful job, considering.

1928 – Hennig

27 April 2015


8015 Holly Street

Hennig’s marks varied a lot this year; this one used just the last two digits of the year, with no month or day.

1928 – J. Abreu & Son

17 April 2015


1800 block 79th Avenue

1928 – T A — Ryan (T. A. Ryan)

21 March 2015


3509 69th Avenue

For some reason, T. A. Ryan put a dash in the middle of his name on this mark.

1928 – T. A. Ryan

20 December 2014


2967 68th Avenue

1928 – R. C. Malone

9 December 2014


2918 61st Avenue

This is about as good as R. G. Malone marks get, and much better than the first one I documented here.

1928 – Atlas Construction Co.

8 December 2014


Brann Street at 60th Avenue

The guys at Atlas turned the “7” into a weird-looking “8” in 1928.