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1925 – H. C. Orth

7 October 2014


5218 Camden Street

I’ve documented an H. C. Orth mark from this year already, but this one isn’t cracked and it also has the union oval.

1925 – G. O. Thomas

21 September 2014


2317 65th Avenue

This is the best example of a G. O. Thomas mark I’m likely ever to see.

The next few stamps come from two adjacent streets where most of the sidewalks and driveways are red. This is the first all-red district I’ve found in Oakland. Havenscourt feels like an enclave with its own long-standing customs.

1925 – F. E. Flaherty

11 September 2014


3410 Birdsall Avenue

These early marks by F. E. Flaherty, in the racetrack format, always intrigue me. This one pushes his record back by three years.

1925 – Doyle & Sons

11 August 2014


2550 Renwick Street

This is five years older than all previous Doyle & Sons marks I’ve found.

1925 – Tribuzio Bros.

24 July 2014


2152 Vicksburg Avenue

Tribuzio Brothers marks are quite rare. This one is far better than my previous example.

1925 – Carl T. Petersen

23 April 2014


Walnut Street at Eastman Avenue

This charming street of stuccoed cottages has this mark on its whole length; only here is it dated.

1925 – A. Rodrigues

15 March 2014


3109 Eastman Avenue

The elusive A. Rodrigues of “Haward” shows up again! This is one of a pair at this address.