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1915 – Avelar & Co.

13 July 2014


2180 47th Avenue

1915 – C. Hubmann & Co.

22 June 2014


4614 Melrose Avenue

Not a very clear mark, but I’ll take it.

1915 – P. Mathiesen

12 April 2014


Harbor View Avenue at Loma Vista Avenue

This is a no-doubt example of a Mathiesen mark from 1915, unlike the one on California Street.

1915 – P. Mathiesen

17 February 2014


3286 California Street

Had to feel this one out with my fingers to be sure of the date.

1915 – Hutchinson Co.

10 December 2013


3865 Coolidge Avenue

I’ve seen a lot of Hutchinson marks in high East Oakland, but this is the first new Hutchinson date in almost six months. The company specialized in doing whole blocks at once, I think. You see them at street corners a lot.

1915 – J. Ogden

28 October 2013


3630 Brookdale Avenue

This stretch of Brookdale is quite historic, with much of its sidewalks laid down in the teens.

1915 – W. N. Whitmore

14 April 2013


2029 E. 19th Street

The date is easier to see in person.