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1914 – A. H. Kopperud

5 June 2015


1663 Auseon Street

This has the typical configuration of other Kopperud marks, with all three parts of the date underneath.

1914 – A. H. Kopperud

4 June 2015


1609 86th Avenue

This mark is from very early in 1914, January to be precise. The month is up inside the mark, and the day and year are underneath.

1914 – Hutchinson Co.

11 May 2015


9000 Hillside Street

This was a very busy year for Hutchinson.

1914 – Hutchinson Co.

22 August 2014


6526 Harmon Avenue

1914 – The Oakland Paving Co.

2 August 2014


East 16th Street at 61st Avenue

Very few of these in East Oakland; lots of them in the College/Piedmont area.

1914 – A. H. Kopperud

1 August 2014


2411 Seminary Avenue

This mark is a few days earlier than the Kopperud mark with the palindromic date.

1914 – Avelar & Co.

31 July 2014


2419 Seminary Avenue

There are a bunch of those all along Seminary between International and Foothill Boulevards. This is the best of them.