Old stamps preserved: Gray Bros.

1720 San Pablo Avenue

Our old sidewalk stamps are usually broken up without ceremony when the sidewalks are renovated. On rare occasions they’re preserved, like the pair of stamps by The Gray Bros. A.S.P. Company at the building Piedmont Pianos has occupied forever. They date from the early 20th century.

I’ve seen quite a few preserved marks in San Diego’s Little Italy neighborhood, but almost none anywhere else.

2 Responses to “Old stamps preserved: Gray Bros.”

  1. Ken Says:

    Cool that they preserved it. I was just out to look at these a couple of months ago.

    The building was not Piedmont Pianos “forever” though! 🙂 I remember when it was California Art Supplies, which was there for many years.

  2. Ken Says:

    The 1912 G.B. Castellotti mark on Miles Avenue in Rockridge was also nicely preserved when the driveway it’s in was repaved. The paving crew did a really nice job with this one. Don’t know whether the new paving was done before or after you photographed it.

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