The Gray Bros. A.S.P. Co.

1700 block San Pablo Avenue

This is the building that Piedmont Piano is in, but at the other end. Presumably the Gray Bros. were the overall contractor, but maybe the “A.S.P.” means something definitive.

2 Responses to “The Gray Bros. A.S.P. Co.”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Now that I think about it, A.S.P. is probably Artificial Stone Paving, a common name for concrete formulations in the late 1800s. And in fact the Schillinger Patent was the impetus for a major court case in 1894, Schillinger v. United States.

    I also see that as of 1897 the Gray Brothers operated two San Francisco traprock quarries, at 26th Street and Douglass and at Green and Sansome.

  2. Andrew Says:

    I found another of these on 12th Avenue near E. 20th Street.

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