1940 – W. H. Wisheropp Co.


Haddon Road at Athol Avenue

The W. H. Wisheropp firm designed and built many homes and structures in the Oakland area from the 1930s to the 1950s.

4 Responses to “1940 – W. H. Wisheropp Co.”

  1. Bill Wisheropp Says:

    W. H. Wisheropp was my Father, He started out as a masonry contractor, next became a General contractor and a developer. One set of streets he did included Alida St., Charleston St. and cross streets to these streets. Bill Wisheropp

  2. Gabriel Says:

    does anyone know where to find more info about Wisheropp Co and the homes they built? I have an amazing 1941 home they made here on Laguna Ave that is built extremely well. I do a lot of work on the home myself and with each project see more details of their design and how well thought out this house was. So happy I bought here in my native Oakland.

  3. Wisheropp Says:

    My father believed in quality over quantity and generally his homes costs were in the upper end price areas.

  4. Andrew Says:

    Bill Wisheropp, who left these comments, passed away last month. He was W. H. Wisheropp’s son and worked in the family business for part of his long life. He also had an architect’s license and designed the memorable “roadside” style building at 2747 San Pablo (at Grayson) in Berkeley.

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