J. A. Marshall


Perkins Street at Warwick Avenue

Lincoln Cushing’s site shows clear examples of this mark going back to 1899. Actually my photo is lousy, but the mark itself is no better so it’s a wash.

UPDATE:Apparently this mark has been erased since I recorded it in 2010.

One Response to “J. A. Marshall”

  1. Ken Says:

    I assume you’ve seen the J.A. Marshall mark at the corner of Palm and Bellevue in Adams Point – it’s pretty badly worn but definitely identifiable as a J.A. Marshall. The one on Lee near Perkins is beautiful. These marks are so distinctive due to the style of the lettering.

    Do you happen to know when the J.A. Marshall stamps are likely to have been made, since the ones I’ve seen are all undated, other than the 1899 mark on Dwight in Berkeley. Guessing they’re all from around 1900-1915 – does that seem about right?

    [J. A. Marshall is listed in the Berkeley city directories from 1897 to 1910. — Andrew]

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