J. S. Mattos Concrete Co.


3770 Harrison Street

2 Responses to “J. S. Mattos Concrete Co.”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Found some more of these on 107th Avenue.

  2. Ken Says:

    I walked by here this afternoon and unfortunately that J.S. Mattos mark seems to be gone, like so many others, but I found a couple of curious marks nearby. Right next to “Oscar’s Alley” that connects to El Dorado Avenue is a recent stamp that simply says “POD”. It certainly looks like a paving company stamp – any idea about that one? And there’s a crude handmade mark in a driveway across the street near where the alley continues to Oakland Avenue that could be from Albany Concrete, or it could very possibly be someone’s homemade attempt to create a mark there (there’s also the name of “Wayne” just below that mark, but that might be unrelated). I imagine you’ve seen that one since it doesn’t look recent – any insight as to what it is?

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