Lindgren & Hicks

512 66th Street

This time of year is excellent for walking, not just because the light is good with the leaves down and not just because the temperature is moderate, but because the low sun brings out marks like no other season. To my knowledge, this is the only mark by this maker in Oakland.

The firm was founded in 1900, by Charles Lindgren and Lewis Hicks, and disbanded in 1908. Lindgren went on to found the company known today as Swinerton, Inc. (and represented in Oakland by a 1936 Lindgren & Swinerton mark).

4 Responses to “Lindgren & Hicks”

  1. Ken Says:

    I happened to be in the area this morning and stopped to take a look at this mark since it looks like a nice one, but I wasn’t able to spot it. Could be one of those marks that’s not easy to see unless the light is good, and there was no sun out this morning. It’s a short way down the block from the pho place on 66th and Telegraph, correct? Any additional info on where it is – out near the curb or close to the inside of the sidewalk? I’ll have to take another look next time I’m in the area.

  2. Ken Says:

    BTW, a little out of your Oakland area, but there’s a pair of nice C.J. Lindgren marks on Russell Street in Berkeley, between Claremont and Pine. The year appears to be 1908.

  3. Andrew Alden Says:

    If I have a mark *in* Oakland, new dates from outside Oakland count! I’ll see if I can get over there some time.

  4. Ken Says:

    There’s an Esterly mark right next to the Lindgren ones. I believe the location is 2925 Russell. If you’re in that area, there are some nice marks on Prince between mid-block and Claremont on both sides. Esterly, Burnham, a J.E. Reed, and a pair of small ones by Keystone Const. Co. that appear to be from 1909.

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