Pretty little things

Every now and them, as I stroll the streets, I find a little something I can’t resist photographing. Then it sits in my master file, waiting to turn into a post. Here are three such things, petits fours of the street.

I started this blog on 9 July 2007 with a burst of 24 posts, leading off with a photo of a 1901 sidewalk stamp. (That remains the oldest date I’ve found in Oakland.) Soon enough I settled down to a once-daily rhythm that never let me relax for long, ensuring that I’d keep going out to survey a few more blocks. Eight years later I completed walking every block of every street in Oakland, finishing that initial series on 6 December 2015. It’s been easy going ever since. I’m having a great, low-key time.

This is the 3,000th post in Oakland Underfoot.

2 Responses to “Pretty little things”

  1. Ron Says:

    Congrats on 3000! I’ve found it interesting and educational. Thanks!

  2. Robin Wells Says:

    Congratulations. I have enjoyed all I’ve seen. Thank you.

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