J. A. Marshall

Lee Avenue at Perkins Street

This pristine mark, one of two at this locality, is officially the best J. A. Marshall impression in all of Oakland.

Mr. Marshall may be the contractor whose relative, architect Leola Hall, accompanied him and learned the foundations of her trade. However, he may instead be John A. Marshall, listed as a “cementwkr” in the Berkeley directory in 1905.

3 Responses to “J. A. Marshall”

  1. Daniel Brownstein Says:

    Nice JA Marshall strike at Fulton and Dana as well–makes me wonder about his relation to the architect of the building.

  2. Ken Says:

    J.A. Marshall stamps in Oakland seem pretty rare, and I spotted a pair of them this afternoon on Howe Street – have you seen them? Both on the bottom concrete step leading up from the sidewalk to a building, similar to the 1899 stamp on Dwight in Berkeley. There’s no date, but real estate websites show that this building was built in 1897. It’s on the north side of Howe between 40th Street and 40th Street Way. Both stamps are in very good shape – not as good as the one at Lee and Perkins but still very good.

  3. Andrew Alden Says:

    That’s a nice pair, and very visible.

    You may assume that I’ve seen every mark in Oakland. With some exceptions, I’ve only documented unique date-and-name combinations.

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