Sidewalk maker: Gallagher & Burk

The paving and grading firm Gallagher & Burk is an Oakland success story. It began in the early 1940s with the purchase by John A. (Jack) Gallagher (1908-?) and G. F. Burk of the Heafey-Moore Company, founded as Heafey, Moore & McNair by John Heafey, Milton J. Moore and Robert B. McNair in the early 1920s. Heafey-Moore operated an asphalt plant at 344 High Street as well as the Leona Quarry. I don’t know the details of the business arrangement, but Heafey-Moore continued existence until at least 1960.

I have documented Gallagher & Burk sidewalk stamps with firm dates from 1942 to 1962, and some questionable ones that may be earlier and later.

Edwin James “Ted” Gallagher (1920-2014) joined Jack at the firm in 1945 and eventually took charge. His son Ted Jr. served as president from 1987 to 1998.

In 1998 Gallagher & Burk was acquired by Oliver de Silva, Inc., and is now an independent affiliate of DeSilva Gates Construction, with a stub of a website. Its asphalt plant at 344 High Street, just before the High Street Bridge, produces material for paving jobs large and small all over the Bay area. Its biggest mark on the city of Oakland, however, is the enormous Leona Quarry in the Leona Hills that it acquired in 1946, now the “Monte Vista Villas at Leona Quarry.”

4 Responses to “Sidewalk maker: Gallagher & Burk”

  1. Ted Gallagher, Jr. Says:

    Hi, This is Ted Gallagher Jr. here. Great job on this story and photos.
    There is one (1944 I believe) down in the Jack London Square area.

    [Thanks! The 1944 stamp you refer to is probably this one: — Andrew]

  2. John Heaphy Says:

    Great to read such a success story about cousins in Oakland from cousins back home in Waterford

  3. togahoopster Says:

    Good day! My grandfather, Percy Hall, worked for Messrs. Heafey and Moore, and ended his career with them as the superintendent of the base rock quarry that is now condos at Mountain and Leona. He did the cut and fill surveys for H&M for the Hwy 17 “improvement” between ‘Gatos and ‘Cruz in the mid-30s, and owned a home in Rio Del Mar, which he sold to a Navy Lt. and his new bride “just in case” something happened to the gent….which it did, off Okinawa.

  4. Andrew Alden Says:

    Readers may enjoy my Oakland Geology post about the Leona Quarry.

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