Some little lids and another sidewalk maker

Here’s a roundup of some cute brass lids I’ve seen in our sidewalks.

M. Greenberg’s Sons, the San Francisco firm I’ve mentioned before, made this lid next to the old Fairfax Theater building, out on Foothill at Belvedere.


This pair of well-preserved covers made by the Hays company is on Piedmont Avenue. The Hays company still exists and is in the same business! Read all about it at



And this last one is from a company I haven’t featured here before. The Scott Company specialized in heating and ventilation systems, starting about 100 years ago.


They were headquartered at 381 11th Street. I haven’t done a big search, but I do know they lasted until at least 1938. There was another Scott Company, in San Leandro, founded in 1975, that folded after a contracting scandal in San Francisco a few years ago, but that was not these guys.

Then there’s this sidewalk maker.

John Nisalas


1299 Longridge Road

I haven’t been able to find out a thing about Mr. Nisalas. He must have been from outside Oakland.

3 Responses to “Some little lids and another sidewalk maker”

  1. Ken Says:

    Andrew, I wonder if you happen to recall just where the John Nisalas mark is located. Asking since there is no 1299 Longridge Road – the addresses along Longridge run from the 600s up to the 1140s. I’ve looked around a bit near that end of Longridge (near Crocker Highlands School) but haven’t spotted this mark, though I may well have missed it. Thanks.

  2. Andrew Alden Says:

    It was way up at the very top, IIRC. When I couldn’t see a house number, I would just make up a plausible number, and I guess 1299 isn’t even plausible. Oh well.

  3. Ken Says:

    Thanks! I’ll take another look around there.

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