Sidewalk maker: Nick Tribuzio

Nicola F. “Nick” Tribuzio was born in the city of Bari, Italy, in 1894 and emigrated to the United States in 1913. He served in World War I as an Army private. While stationed in England, he met and married his first wife Marian, and they had two sons, Francis and Philip.

As of 1925, he was listed in the business directory as part of the Tribuzio Brothers.


There were two Tribuzio brothers, Nick and Gene (Gaetano). More about Gene some other time. Tribuzio Brothers marks are very rare in Oakland, and I’ve documented examples only from 1925 and 1926. Nick lived at 355 Adeline.

By 1927 Nick was living at 7518 Weld Street and producing sidewalks under his own name.


By 1930 his phone number had changed. It would change again before the decade was out.


After 1931 there are no examples of this mark left in Oakland, but Nick left several hand-drawn marks in 1937-39. He was a widower by this time, and listed as such in the 1940 census. By 1941 he had acquired a new stamp that bore his full name.


This is the only year I’ve found with this mark in Oakland.

In World War II he enlisted again and served as a Seabee (naval construction). He married Marylyn O’Brien in 1946 and moved to Castro Valley, where he became a beloved character, wearing various costumes in town parades. At this point in time his record in Oakland ends, presumably because there was plenty of work in his new home town. I’d love to see examples of his mark from down there.

Nick Tribuzio died in 1971 and is buried in Lone Tree Cemetery, Hayward.

3 Responses to “Sidewalk maker: Nick Tribuzio”

  1. Monica Crosetti Lalanne Says:

    The Catucci Brothers were born in Bari as well! My grandfather was Antonio Catucci. This was an interesting story.

  2. John G Tribuzio Says:

    The Tribuzio brothers who immigrated from Bari were Gaetano (G Tribuzio) and Nick. Gaetano and his wife Domenica had five sons two who were Joe (Joseph) and Gene (Eugene). John, Lawrence and Frank were the other two sons. There was also a daughter, Florence.
    Nick and Gaetano worked together for awhile then went on their own. Gaetano’s son’s worked with him at times.
    Nick also had a stone yard on Crow Canyon Road in Castro Valley for many years.

  3. Gina Tribuzio Lundeen Says:

    They were from the town of Acquaviva delle Fonti in Bari. Two Tribuzio brothers traveled as teenagers to the United States (and two stayed in Acquaviva) I believe they all did cement work on the famous hospital in that town (I know for sure my Grandpa, Gaetano did). From Wikipedia: “Acquaviva houses one of the biggest hospitals of all of southern Italy, the Ospedale Generale Regionale Francesco Miulli, or Hospital Miulli, which has almost all surgery departments and even a center for the treatment of rare diseases.”

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