Sidewalk maker: Lazzero Banchero

Lazzero and Virginia Banchero lived at 2019 86th Avenue, in East Oakland, for many years while he ran his business. Although the 1925 directory lists him as a “cement worker,” the earliest mark I have from L. Banchero & Co. is a bizarre stamp from 1926 in the area, on Plymouth Street.

The Banchero home is still there, complete with a Banchero & Co. mark from 1928 on the sidewalk.


The earliest example of the standard stamp I have is from 1927. For the first few years of his practice, Banchero’s mark read “L. Banchero & Co.”


After 1933, he consistently wiped off the “Co.” (or chiseled it off his stamp). I don’t know why; probably he was just downsizing.


Banchero marks are scattered all over town, but they’re thick on the ground in East Oakland near his home base.

His marks continued until 1948, and possibly 1950. That’s a decent career.

3 Responses to “Sidewalk maker: Lazzero Banchero”

  1. Al Guggrmos Says:

    I think he was a brother of my Uncle John Banchero of Banchero”s Restaurant.

  2. Mike Fitz Says:

    Judging by the sight of that truck in the driveway, it looks like the home’s occupants still work in the construction trades.

  3. Andrew Says:

    Looks like a good house for a serious workshop.

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