Sidewalk maker: William Andrade

7th Avenue, Oakland

William B. “Bill” Andrade (1924-2016) left marks on sidewalks all over Oakland. His obituary was in yesterday’s paper and a memorial page is up. He founded the Andrade Concrete Company in San Leandro with his father, August Andrade, shortly after World War II.

In Oakland, I’ve documented Andrade marks dated from 1946 to 1961 (missing 1954, 1957 and 1959). Presumably there are more in San Leandro, Castro Valley and Hayward. The mark above is the earliest I’ve found. Many marks from 1961, the latest year I have, are scattered around Jingletown. His work survives all over Oakland, which speaks to his success and to the quality of his work.

He used a distinctive escutcheon for this company, and also for a short-lived collaboration with Arthur Moniz of Oakland (the two examples I’ve found did not have dates).

23rd Avenue at E. 22nd Street

He is not to be confused with M. Andrade & Son, which was run by Marvin and Mark Andrade of Oakland.

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