Standout Streets: Castle Park Way


Castle Park Way is a little loop hidden off of Castle Drive, at the southern end of the Piedmont Pines neighborhood. All the concrete work was done by John R. Kemble, who did very good work all over Oakland from the mid-1920s until roughly 1941. When I surveyed this street I was struck by its unity, in which the homes and landscaping take part as well as the paving. And all this time later, it still has great integrity.

One Response to “Standout Streets: Castle Park Way”

  1. Monica lalanne Says:

    I grew up on that street! My parents had our home designed and built. They moved in 1960. It was a street where all the houses had kids who played together on the street and in the canyon. We walked to school and home. We are adults and still are in touch. The homes were beautiful, the views fantastic, and we were proud to call Oakland home.

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