2000 – ?ite Corporation


98th Avenue at San Leandro Boulevard

This is actually part of the railroad tracks, but I walked on it so that’s good enough for me. Will have to find a better example to decipher the maker’s name, though.

One Response to “2000 – ?ite Corporation”

  1. Ken Says:

    There are a bunch of these marks at the 92nd & San Leandro railroad crossing, and those clearly read “Fite Corporation”, which appears to still be a construction company in the greater Los Angeles area. Also, I believe the correct date for the one in this photo at 98th Avenue is 7/20/90. The ones at 92nd & San Leandro have a similar date marking and all of those read 6/2/89. As with this one, the spacing of the numerals is odd, more like “6 289”.

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