1915 – C. Hubmann & Co.

2255 MacArthur Boulevard

When I shot this, I thought I was documenting a 1918 mark, but then I got home and saw the real date at the bottom. It’s 1915, and a better example than this one. Thanks to Ken for correcting me (see his comment).

2 Responses to “1915 – C. Hubmann & Co.”

  1. Ken Says:

    Was in this neighborhood yesterday and spotted this mark. Like you, I missed the year marking at the bottom. Saw your post here and went back this morning to take another look. On closer inspection, the year is actually 1915 rather than 1919.

    Also nice to find a 1948 G. Pool mark just down the street past Fruitvale too.

  2. Andrew Says:

    Thanks for catching this. I brought my whisk broom and shot it again today (see above).

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