Salvatore DeGuarda


51st Avenue at E. 10th Street

There are several of these marks in the neighborhood. Salvatore DeGuarda is surely the S. DeGuarda whose 1938 mark I’ve documented, and not the same person as Leonard DeGuarda. I will guess, for now, that Salvatore was Leonard’s father.

4 Responses to “Salvatore DeGuarda”

  1. Eva Says:

    That was my dad. :)

  2. Andrew Says:

    Very cool! Please tell me more about him and his business, if you’re comfortable sharing.

  3. eva Says:

    ok now I think that was my dads dad, this story is actually unfolding!

  4. Rocky DeGuarda Says:

    That was actually our grandfather, Eva. Dad didn’t use a stamp, nor did I when I moved the company to SF in 2008. Leonard was dad’s brother.

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