1916 – J. Catucci


2014 E. 26th Street

This is yet another configuration of the Catucci mark from this year.

3 Responses to “1916 – J. Catucci”

  1. Holden Hume Says:

    The only concrete that survives intact on our Elwood Avenue is the concrete poured by J Catucci Gen Con 1916. The rest of this stuff just crumbles away. Why is it that the oldest concrete is stronger and better quality BY FAR than anything new they pour? It’s like the whole industry standard must have changed for the worst. I would be embarrassed if the concrete I was pouring in 2016 couldn’t last a year when the stuff 100 years old right next to it is in near perfect condition. Does anyone still do quality concrete like J Catucci and others of that day?

  2. Andrew Says:

    You have to remember that all the bad concrete they poured in 1916 is gone, including Catucci’s.

  3. Holden Hume Says:

    That is a very funny and obvious point that I failed to consider! But my basic question remains…why do I have such great 1916 driveway concrete that is surrounded by such terrible cracking busted up weak concrete all poured in the last decade or less?

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