1917 – F. E. Nelson


811 Prospect Avenue

3 Responses to “1917 – F. E. Nelson”

  1. Ken Says:

    Is there a good way to distinguish between the nearly identical F.E. Nelson and W.O. Nelson stamps where much of the imprint is worn and difficult to read? It seems like F.E. Nelson tends to be earlier in general but often any year marking is illegible. I’ve seen that F.E. Nelson stamps – particularly the earlier ones – have a small circle with short lines to the left and right that I don’t think the W.O. Nelson stamps have. Does that seem correct to you? Thanks!

  2. Andrew Alden Says:

    I took some time to examine all my images of the two Nelsons. The escutcheons are perfectly identical (and unique to the two Nelsons and J. A. Marshall); the placement of “NELSON” is identical; the typography is identical. As you note, their years differ slightly. I have F.E. Nelsons from 1909 to 1931 (09-12,21-26,28,29,31) and W.O. Nelsons from 1914 to 1935 (14,21,25-30,32-35), of which the earliest is hand-drawn. The circle at the base of the mark only appears on the 1909-12 F.E. Nelsons, so that’s your only real diagnostic. They both lived in Berkeley, so there must be more examples there.

  3. Ken Says:

    Thanks for your reply on this, Andrew – that’s helpful. I’ve seen a couple of 1918 F.E. Nelsons with that circle near the base of the mark. One is at the corner of Marshall Street and 63rd and the other is on Jefferson between Dwight and Channing in Berkeley – the one on Marshall and 63rd is in better shape of the two. Thanks for your recommendation elsewhere on your site to check out Fremont Street – some great marks there.

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