1918 – J. Catucci


1838 5th Avenue

This date gives me a full set of Catucci marks from 1915 to 1921. My impression is that Catucci worked on premium projects, because the homes are solid, enduring structures for the most part, like this one.

12 Responses to “1918 – J. Catucci”

  1. Monica Crosetti Says:

    Do you have a link that shows all Catucci addresses? He was my great uncle and I would love to show a list to my mother. She grew up in this part of Oakland and then Temescal.

    Thank you.

    Monica C. Lalanne

  2. Monica Crosetti Says:

    I found a listing on a Google search. The firm was short-lived because he was killed on the train tracks in Oakland as they were bumping empty trains to move them. He left a phenomenal legacy.

  3. Andrew Says:

    Monica, this link will work:


    Now I just did my own Google search and found a reference in the 18 November 1934 Oakland Tribune at http://newspaperarchive.com/oakland-tribune/1934-11-18/page-14

    It quotes J. Catucci, “well-known Oakland contractor,” praising the qualities of Firestone tires in his fleet of 57 trucks. There are two photos, one showing the firm’s first dumptruck, a 1914 Ford, and the other showing the current fleet in a good-sized quarry. I will assume that the quarry was in the Oakland hills because that’s how I roll. But anyway, would that be a younger family member?

    I also see Jos Catucci, cement worker, listed in the 1913 Polk-Husted Directory and Jos. Catucci, general contractor, listed in the 1925 Polk Directory. The firm was mentioned in the Port of Oakland’s records in 1927. It’s listed under “excavating and grading contractors” in the 1940 Polk’s Directory. Joseph’s wife was named Bella.

  4. Monica Crosetti Says:

    Oh my gosh, thank you. When I see my mom next week I will show her the images. I can’t really make it out, but is there a child on the truck? It could be one of his 4 daughters. The quarry may be the land where Bishop O’Dowd stands. It was my great aunt who donated the land. He very well could have owned another quarry but I do think that is it.

    I have a photo of my grandfather driving that little truck. He called his trucketta, in poor English. (As my mother tells the story.)

    This was wonderful to see.

    Monica Crosetti Lalanne

  5. Andrew Says:

    Cool! I see that the Bishop O’Dowd 60th anniversary page has a photo of the quarry, where 98th Avenue and 580 meet. If the school opened in 1951, the quarry must have ended operations some years before.

  6. Monica Crosetti Says:

    I will get you more info. if you are interested. I loved the link to the newspapers. Got to look up the Crosetti name as well, as my father was also raised in the Temescal area on 57th St. Is that Temescal? I am not sure.

    Found the funeral notice for J. Catucci. I believe there are still 2 to 3 of the daughters still alive. The closest to my mother died a few years ago, but they still meet in their late 80’s.

    Thanks for this fun info today.

  7. Monica Crosetti Says:

    I spoke with my mother today about all of this. She said that there was another quarry and she believed it was in Castro Valley. Her father and another uncle worked as employees. My grandfather was a foreman and the other uncle drove the clamshell truck. My grandfather immigrated in 1909 and the Catucci company was already working.

    My mother said that there is an apartment building at the corner of E 14th and 18th Ave (she believes) that has his name on the building. She always said they played there as children. His home was around the corner on a side street and she said that the warehouses were there as well. She was amazed at the info.

    There is only one daughter remaining and a grandson who may have original photos. He must be 60 something.

  8. Andrew Says:

    This is all interesting! So if I have this straight, the J. Catucci Company was founded before 1909 by Joseph Catucci (who may well have been born Giuseppe), and the firm hired immigrating relatives who included your grandfather and great-uncle. Were Joseph and Bella also your great-aunt & uncle, then?

    The brick building at 18th Avenue and E. 12th Street still has the Catucci name visible high on the corners (you can see it in Google Maps Streetview and it’s also visible from the BART train). That’s been a church since 1978. There are lots of buildings of similar age in the neighborhood, including at E. 14th Street (International Blvd).

    I think that the Oakland Museum or one of the historical societies might appreciate having the family documents some day.

  9. Monica Lalanne Says:

    Yes they were my great aunt and uncle. Although I was born in 1961 so only knew Bella growing up. Joseph and his brothers (
    Antonio and Michele) were born in cassano degli murge italy. He was guisseppe by birth

    Thanks for all this Oakland history
    My father was also from Oakland and had a business there until he died at 57 in 1983
    It was Crosetti and musante janitorial. You seem to like history so there u go

    I was recently in Portland Oregon retracing his steps from 1950 business trips

  10. Andrew Says:

    Interesting — there’s a Catucci Farm (Masseria Catucci) about 10 km southeast of Cassano delle Murge.

  11. Monica Crosetti Says:

    Catucci is a common name in the area. I will look it up. That part of the family is lost. I know there was one more brother left there but not an uncle my mother had contact with.

    Thanks for that information.


  12. rose Crosetti Says:

    J. Catucci’s grandson is Richard Shlegeris. He lives in Santa Rosa. I am sure that he has all the family history, including photos.

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