G. W. Werner


Gaskill Street at 57th Street

6 Responses to “G. W. Werner”

  1. Ken Says:

    I found a G.W. Werner stamp this morning on Tremont Street just into Berkeley, between Prince and Essex on the east side of the street. It has a year included and it looked like 1901 to me although it could be 1907.

  2. Andrew Alden Says:

    Are you sure of this location? I just gave the area a good look and didn’t see it.

  3. Ken Says:

    I’m pretty sure, and I may be over that way tomorrow morning and can check the exact address. Found another undated G.W. Werner yesterday that you’ve most likely seen, on the east side of Gaskill between 57th and Stanford (down the street from the one in this post), right next to an undated C.B. Burnham stamp

  4. Ken Says:

    The G.W. Werner stamp with what looks to me like a 1901 marking is at 3047 Tremont. It’s on the sidewalk just inboard from the concrete water meter cover.

  5. Andrew Alden Says:

    Got it now. Thanks for spotting this rarity.

  6. Ken Says:

    Glad you found it and thanks for identifying the correct year. You’ve got way more experience than I do at correctly deciphering these faint marks! :-)

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