1915 – Lena & Helling Makers


819 Athens Avenue

I wish I could read the right side of this mark. For now I will assume that Lena is N. Lena, whose earliest mark I have is from 1920.

3 Responses to “1915 – Lena & Helling Makers”

  1. Ken Says:

    Found another one of these today, on 26th Avenue between E. 24th and Logan. It’s from 1913 and is clearly “Lena & Helling”.

  2. Andrew Alden Says:

    Must go see this!

  3. Ken Says:

    As usual I didn’t note the exact address, but it’s on the southeast side of the street. There’s an obvious 1933 Ed Doty in the middle of the sidewalk and the Lena & Helling mark is near the inboard edge of the sidewalk just a few feet west of the Doty mark. It was a little covered with debris when I first saw it but I brushed most of that off.

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