1906 – Peterson & Adler


5920 Genoa Street

This is as pristine a mark as you will find from 1906.

2 Responses to “1906 – Peterson & Adler”

  1. Mike Fitz Says:

    Things I notice about the different eras of cement work are: Differences in the quality and compositions of the concrete/Differences in the finishes applied to the concrete/Differences in the style of the pads(for example, today most sidewalk pads are a uniform size, maybe 3’x3′. Older sidewalks might feature 1’x1′ squares in a checkerboard layout, or pads with curved borders)… course this is a cement-head talking…

  2. Andrew Says:

    I’ve gotten so I can spot interesting concrete at a glance. I imagine a lot of the differences come not just from changes in style, but also from the rise and fall of various cement plants around the Bay area. Today most of our cement comes from the Permanente plant near Cupertino, but cement has also been made in Davenport, Napa and Concord over the years. The same with aggregate.

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