1903 – C. J. Lindgren


6434 Raymond Street

Thanks to Lincoln Cushing’s reference site, I can identify this as my first C. J. Lindgren mark.

Thanks to the comment below, I can confidently give this a 1903 date, one of only two in the whole city.

One Response to “1903 – C. J. Lindgren”

  1. David Hoge Says:

    I’ve been looking at this stamp for 20+ years. When it was more legible the date 1903 was visible.

    This property sold last year (2016) and will be developed soon. When sidewalk is repaved this stamp will vanish. If the stamp could be ‘rescued’, to whom who should it be gifted?

    [Thanks for your note, David. I couldn’t be sure of the date, but with your testimony I can certify it as one of only two 1903 marks left in the whole city.

    Let time have its way with this mark; you can’t preserve it. — Andrew]

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