1931 – J. H. Fitzmaurice (II)


5000 Golden Gate Avenue

This is the first Fitzmaurice mark of this kind—the barrel shape—that I’ve found with a date. I’ve found another 1931 Fitzmaurice mark, but that one is the arched-text design. Two others of that configuration date from 1933 and 1934. Therefore it seems that the barrel came second, after the escutcheon and before the arched text, which in turn was before today’s barrel design. If that result holds up, I’ll have to redesignate the order of this mark, which up to now I’d considered the third, not the second Fitzmaurice mark.

One Response to “1931 – J. H. Fitzmaurice (II)”

  1. Hannah Says:

    I see so many Fitzmaurice marks and never any dates! Good find!

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