1907 – Peterson & Adler


737 44th Street

This and yesterday’s mark are on the same block. I may be silly for doing this, but I’m documenting every mark I find from before 1910, so you will find duplicates.

One Response to “1907 – Peterson & Adler”

  1. Ken Says:

    Wonder if you might have missed the Peterson & Adler mark at 6622 Tremont Street, just on the Oakland side of the Oakland-Berkeley line, since it looks like you typically show a photo of any pre-1910 mark. I saw it this afternoon, and not quite sure whether it’s 1901 or 1907 – my best guess is 1907. It’s just on the curb side of the sidewalk right by a 1939 WPA mark in the concrete gutter – a little hard to spot, and I think I might have walked right by it on a previous walk along Tremont. Actually didn’t see a house number at 6622 Tremont but located it on Google Maps.

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