Fred Ferrero & Sons


4935 Clarke Street

Fred Ferrero was born in 1883 in Castellamonte, Italy, emigrated in 1899, and launched his business in 1920 as Fred Ferrero & Son, with his eldest son Romeo. By the time this mark was laid down, the other son Aldo must have joined the firm. Aldo, I presume, is the A. J. Ferrero of Alameda whose marks are collected here from the 1950s to the 1970s. More biographical facts about Fred are on page 527 of The History of Alameda County, California, volume II. Also treated in that book are Carl and Andrew the Sorensen Brothers (p. 121), Ed Doty (p. 350), L. J. Scaramelli (p. 384), Olaf Riechel and H. G. Bredhoff (p. 404), and Nat Lena (p. 418).

Another history book, Past and Present of Alameda County vol. II, features Anson Blake (p. 487) and Frank Bilger (p. 440) of Blake & Bilger.

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