Gus Peterson


5527 Lawton Avenue

This is hard to read, but I think it’s someone named Peterson. Will correct it if a better version crops up.

UPDATE: Found an undated version at 6481 Colby Street that clearly reads “Gus.Peterson.” Also, the number in the middle is not a date, but the street number “3130”.

4 Responses to “Gus Peterson”

  1. Andrew Says:

    I found another example today, and now I think that the mark reads “3130 King St Berkeley,” meaning that the number is not a date. As far as I can tell, that address is across from Malcolm X School today.

  2. Robert Nichelini Says:

    GUS PETERSON was my grandfather. He ran his cement business out of his home at 3130 King Street in Berkeley until he was murdered in Oakland in the late 30’s. I am looking for any sidewalk marks that have his name.

  3. Andrew Says:

    Robert, I found a good example at the corner of 54th and Gaskill Streets in north Oakland.

    Gus Peterson, 54th and Gaskill

  4. Robert Nichelini Says:

    Thanks. I will head down there and get some photos.

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