James H. Pedgrift


41st Street at Broadway

Pedgrift marks surround the Anderson Carpet building, so perhaps this firm did the interior concrete there as well. I’ve seen these marks elsewhere associated with commercial properties. The Julia Morgan building at 40th Street and Piedmont Avenue has one, for instance.

5 Responses to “James H. Pedgrift”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Saw another of these last night on the corner of 44th Street and Telegraph Avenue.

  2. Andrew Says:

    Today I finally ID’d the mark on 40th Street next to the Ferrari Deli building (one of Oakland’s Julia Morgans), and that’s a Pedgrift too, very worn down.

    The low sun at this time of year is good for deciphering weak marks.

  3. Jim Pedgrift Says:

    James Henry Pedgrift, General Contractor, was my paternal grandfather. Born 1877 in England, came to California 1902, died in Oakland 1948. When I walked to grade school, Grant Elementary, I would step over his name on the sidewalk every day on Telegraph Avenue near 30th Street. I revisited the site a few years ago and the sidewalk had been replaced with a new store.

  4. Andrew Alden Says:

    Jim, so excellent to see your comment. Your grandfather’s work will last a good while longer, I am sure. Do you have any memories of him?

  5. Our Oakland Says:

    A newspaper photo of James Pedgrift, after being elected head of the Builders’ Exchange of Alameda County: https://www.newspapers.com/clip/13718065/builders-exchange-of-alameda-county/

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