2016 – Seton Pacific Construction


5835 Keith Avenue

There are a bunch of these on Keith Avenue. Seton Pacific appears to have several offices in California; the one with this phone number is in San Francisco. I’ve never seen their marks before, so, welcome to Oakland!

This is the first mark I’ve found from 2016. Each year, I keep an eye out for marks from the new year. Here are the dates when I found my first current-year mark:

2016: 2 July
2015: 10 June
2014: 15 January
2013: 9 November
2012: 22 August
2011: 1 July
2010: 17 September
2009: 6 July

In 2008, the year I began this blog, I didn’t find a mark from the current year until Christmas, and that was an amateur mark. I didn’t find a professional mark from 2008 until June 2015.

This has been your meaningless data set for the week.

While I’m at it, here’s another new date for an old sidewalk maker.

1943 – A. MacDonald


San Pablo Avenue at 29th Street

This post shows why I keep my eyes open even after I’ve finished surveying the whole city. First, there’s always new stuff that was installed after I last came by. And second, sometimes I’d miss a mark, or find it indecipherable the first time. This was probably in the last category.

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